Why Outsource Transcription?

Transcribing increases my knowledge on a variety of topics. My speed and accuracy are excellent because I tremendously enjoy my work-Lewis Alela

Why you should consider outsourcing transcription to StepWise:

  1. Save time and money

Hiring a team of in-house transcribers is expensive and time-consuming.

These new employees need to be found, hired and finally go through a company onboarding process. And, when your transcription team is finally ready to go, it’s time to spend more company money on hardware and software needed to do the job.

Here’s where StepWise’s “no need to onboard” team comes in! Not only are we already trained and can be paid on a per-project basis—we leave you free to focus on other more important business priorities.

  1. Guaranteed results and quick turnaround time

Transcribers at StepWise are highly trained and bring 14 years of experience to each project they complete. We are so confident in the quality of the work we do we offer a try before you buy a guarantee.

  1. Improved scalability

Sometimes companies find themselves with a large number of transcription projects and other times minimal transcription is needed. When you outsource transcription services to StepWise we are ready whenever when you need us and capable of handling large last-minute projects with ease.

  1. Transcripts aid in company decision making

Our ‘new normal’ makes for an increased number of phone calls and video conversations. These discussions can no longer be left to memory, you must be absolutely certain you recall what was said. Transcripts of phone calls or video meetings facilitate more successful company decision-making.

  1. Video transcription improves SEO

85% of websites use the power of video for marketing purposes. Did you know offering a video transcript improves audience engagement? This, in turn, helps increase Google rankings through strategically placed SEO words.

Are you ready to outsource?

60% of businesses globally use outsourcing to help them gain an edge over the competition.

StepWise, a socially conscious impact sourcing company, makes business as a force for good one of its main priorities. Our fast, reliable and highly accurate transcription services are exactly what your company needs to save time, money and feel good about doing so.

Transcription outsourcing—it’s time!