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Video And Audio Transcription

Chances are transcribing documents, audio, or video is not your company’s core competency. When you outsource this important, yet time consuming work to StepWise, you reduce operational costs, increase quality, and make time and resources available for more pivotal parts of your business.


Phone: We do everything from transcribing calls for quality assurance to turning voice notes into text. All transcriptions are completed using either live or recorded ‘conversation.’

Video: Search engines cannot crawl video as text is required for information to be indexed and ranked. Transcription increases SEO, inbound traffic and user engagement. Adding transcripts also makes video content site-searchable.

Audio: Transcription will take your audio files and transform them into an experience for a wider audience. We offer services for all range of audio needs (team meetings, customer interviews, sales calls, webinars, podcasts etc.).

Document: Medical records, parking tickets, insurance claims, commercial contracts, bills and invoices—we transcribe and digitize documents, unlocking a wealth of information to help you make better, more informed business decisions.

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Transcription services:

Convey needed information to hearing impaired or deaf.

Transcription services like captions allow businesses to reach a larger audience.

Avoid discrimination.

As a business it’s your responsibility to make certain information is available to all. Discrimination happens when persons with disabilities do not have equal access to information. Transcription services solve this problem for you.

Increase comprehension.

Businesses should make it as easy as possible for client/consumer to receive needed information. Seeing, hearing and reading increase probability your message will convey.

Maintain accessibility in sound sensitive environments.

Transcription services, captions in videos or infographics, give businesses the advantage of being understood even if an environment requires silence.

Increase SEO.

With the addition of transcripts indexing by search engines becomes markedly easier. This indexing translates into a boost in SEO/increased traffic which leads to more business.

Translate content into different languages.

Transcription services breakdown language barriers. Transcripts can be made available in different languages to help all clients understand your business’ messaging.

"Your quick turnaround and cost-effectiveness has made you invaluable to our company."

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