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#ProfilesInImpact: Becky

#ProfilesInImpact: Becky



My name is Becky Mwaniki, I was born and raised in Kenya. Am the fourth born in a family of six. I am physically challenged, using crutches for mobility. I believe in both ability and accessibility in disability. Beside disability, everyone is gifted in one way or another, the problem is the attitude and perception people has towards people with disability. They only see disability and not the ability towards the physically challenged person. I personally, living with a disability is a challenge and at the same time a gift. I thank God for I have become a blessing to many people in society.

The Opportunity of StepWise

Having managed to overcome low self-esteem and prove to many that disability is not inability. Am a graduate with Business Information Technology and employed at Stepwise Impact Sourcing LLC whereby, I consider myself lucky for I am employed by an Impact sourcing company that understands me better. Unlike other companies who consider person’s disability as a priority before giving a job, Stepwise does opposite. They do consider qualified persons with physical disability. I can now see myself like any other person for I am independent. My parent happiness is seeing me depending on myself. In the next five years, I see my dreams getting fulfilled and coming true.

Challenges in Kenya

In Kenya, most People with disabilities lack access to employment opportunities and even if they are able to get employment they face problems such as reasonable accommodation at work, accessible public transportation to get them to work and back and discrimination, and ignorance about their potential at work. The pain of being left out, isolation, always having to prove you can, low self-esteem, repeated rejection, and the stares! Always being center of attention are the major challenges that leads persons with disabilities life being dependents to other able-bodied people.

Living with A Disability

I would like to encourage other young people especially ladies with disabilities to acknowledge that there is nothing impossible in life. It is okay to have a disability – it is not a shame. There are a lot of opportunities in this world. Having a disability is not about having a disability grant and getting sympathy from other people, there is actually more than that. Every person is on this earth for a reason. I believe that if one wants things to be done then it is up to them to get them done. Be hands on and do things yourself. The secret lies on accepting who you are and living a positive life. That’s what keeps me moving. Be what you want to be not what others want you to be.