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Kenya leads Africa in artificial intelligence

Kenya leads Africa in artificial intelligence

Did you know that Kenya has been ranked as the top country in preparedness for Artificial Intelligence and 52nd globally? Now you know!

Logistics and Transport Sector

In a world where we have become technologically exposed, companies like UTU apply machine learning to create trust in the cab system. UTU targets different platforms like e.g. Taxify, Uber, and Little Cab to bridge the trust gap between the service provider and the customer. With AI development malls use number plate recognition to register all cars that come in and go out.


Food security is national security. Safaricom’s Digifarm together with many other startups and apps promise to gather intel on farming trends, market habits and weather forecast to create a wealth of information that can help farmers plan when to plant, what to plant, where the market is, and even assist farmers access quick funds for the planting season.

Health sector

Organizations under hospitals and health insurance have also come up with apps supporting customer care services and collection of data eg Health Facility Database (HEFAD), eBoresha, Neonatal Resuscitation Training and many more. This has led to new discoveries such as specific areas that have a larger number of people affected by cancer more than other regions therefore it has challenged medical practitioners to research the reason as to why and how they can educate the communities to take care of their health to avoid falling into the same pattern.

Banking sector

Banks, Saccos and Lending Companies are exploring ways of satisfying the customer demand for smarter ways to receive services, invest and spend their money. ABSA formerly Barclays Bank uses Julie a Chabot as their customer representative, meaning you always have someone to assist you at all times of day or night when you log in to ABSA’S platform. Clients are rating banks to have better services from the point of introduction of AI services as information is very accurate as well as more professional and personalized services

“The field of artificial intelligence is limitless: for as long as humans are looking to create solutions that make life easier, more convenient, that enable us to have smarter and more efficient living, and that raise the standards of life, there will always be an opportunity. What it takes is for us to challenge ourselves more, learn from already existing technology, and improve today’s solutions for a better tomorrow, and for a healthier and more sustainable planet.” Mr Wu Brand Manager, OPPO (Kenya)