Human-In-The-Loop for Data Annotation Service

Human-In-The-Loop for Data Annotation Service  

“AI in Data is the new oil”  

For the longest time, Data has been considered the “crude oil” in the technology and business industry as of the 21st century. The raw unstructured data that many companies accumulate is not valuable to their business goals unless the data is processed to deliver critical business insights.  

Machine learning is the use and development of computer systems that are able to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions, by using algorithms and statistical models to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in data. After structuring data, it will become the fuel for analytics and provide Artificial Intelligence to machine learning devices that can manage to distinguish various data sets. 

To help this become successful, data annotation is one way that helps in improving the intelligence of these devices. 

What is Data Annotation?  

Data annotation is the process of labelling raw data from texts, audios to images in order to make the datasets understandable for machine learning models. Thus, the device is fed with lots of the labelled data to enable them to accurately distinguish these data. There are different types of data annotation and they include: Text Annotation, Image Annotation, Image Transcription, Video Annotation, Audio Annotation and much more.  

Without proper data annotation protocols, computers cannot be trained to see, speak or perform intelligent functions. Data labelling is consistently a challenge for AI companies looking to implement algorithms in real world scenarios. 

For the power of machines to be achieved, human intelligence is leveraged together with machine learning to help increase the accuracy of the output the machine learning devices generate. 

Human-in-the-Loop (HITL)  

A company can either use data annotation tools that helps to automatically decipher the data or humans to perform the task by labelling the data and input in the system for machine learning devices. 

Having human-in-the-loop integrated into your system means you have a supervised learning whereby your device is trained using fully labelled data that will involve the human having labelled thousands of pieces of data.  

Through outsourcing, HITL offers various benefits for data annotation service:  

  1. Streamlining of the data labelling process  

Humans have the ability to clearly specify the context or application of what they understand the data to be, be it a person, different types of cars or animals. This will ensure there is less mismatching by the machine learning device on the data.  

  1. Quality data outputs  

When the data is clearly labelled and there is quality assurance of the annotated data, this leads to an increase in machine learning intelligence.  

  1. Cost efficient  

Outsourcing for data annotation services assists with saving the cost of business operations. The purchasing of a data annotation tool may be expensive. Thus, entrusting another company to give you this service will have you assured of this saving.  

Companies spend too much time sourcing the right people and technology to scale their data operations. StepWise brings together the strength of a skilled technical workforce and a technology enabled platform to handle high-quality and high context data including medical images, self-driving datasets, scientific literature among others.   

With data annotation outsourced to StepWise, AI companies reclaim time and money allowing us to remove a crucial yet labor intensive and costly tasks from their to-do lists.    

Reach out to StepWise by contacting to find out how we can incorporate our data annotation service.  

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