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Generation Z and Employment

Generation Z and Employment

Who is Generation Z (Gen-Z)? They came after the millennial born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. This is the same period the internet was commercialized, meaning they were born into an internet evolved world and do not necessarily relate to the analog world.

Attention Span and multitasking

They process information faster than any other generation. They can multitask; attend a business meeting while working on their laptop for a different project and still manage to participate in both and the end of the day they have the capability of balancing online and offline interactions and are very vocal in what they feel and want.

Independent Spirit

Majority say “if you want it done right, do it yourself” because they want to work faster and they would rather have their own workspace. They lean towards making their own haste decisions as opposed to sharing it with others and having a chain of command to report to. This has led to many starting their own businesses and this is why most freelancers and startups are owned by very young people, seeking space in the Coworking environment.

Optimistic Vision

A survey conducted in 2018 shows that Gen-Z has a more optimistic vision and they are already talking to others about their financial future by age 13 and after that particular discussion 95% of them feel optimistic about their future in general.

Convenience over brands

They are very particular on where they work. Location, comfort, and environment is a big factor before they take up a job. A company that is well reputable but is not focused on employee hygiene factors is not attractive to them as opposed to a small startup company that is also focused on the wellness of their employees.

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