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Daproim Africa Hosting Cycle 3 Kyeop/Nita Training

Daproim Africa Hosting Cycle 3 Kyeop/Nita Training

Poverty and unemployment is one of the leading and most concerning predicament in Kenya. There is a large number of families who are not in a position to afford three meals a day leave alone education. So education is left to the child to individually figure out how he or she can go to school and afford the upkeep. Some have been forced to do very odd jobs to keep them in school and eventually them successfully but through hardships complete their primary education and realize they need much more funds to go to secondary school. Some manage to get smart and go to their local secondary school that is far much cheaper than the school they got enrolled to by the government. If they successfully complete their secondary school they again face a greater task to put themselves through college or university, which is no longer in their locality or cheap as they need more money to pay fees, food, shelter, clothing and health. What I am trying to say is, this is not a cycle many can manage to beat to the end therefore they end up dropping out of school yet they have the capability to sit in a classroom, be the best at it and create an impact for themselves and their community.

The Kenyan government realized there was a gap to be filled and took up the project to oversee that youths from underserved families get a formal training in a sector they have a passion in. A curriculum was developed and headed by Kenya Youth Employment Organization Project (KYEOP) and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) whereby training runs for three months, thereafter one is placed for a three month industrial attachment then six months of paid employment. At the end of this cycle, each individual is well equipped for long-term employment or start their own business.

Daproim Africa is one of the training centers under ICT sector. We host classes in: programming and coding, graphic design, computer networking and freelancing and above all we also give the youth soft skills lessons above and beyond the technical skills. I mean, what is the value of an employee or employer with no soft skills value? We have programs running across the counties under the same classes, to ensure a wider coverage of the youth round the country for each cycle. At the end of the training, each individual sits for a professional examination to test if they have acquired the right knowledge and skills to face the industry which they later get certified.

There are more organizations running this same training cycles and in different sectors i.e pastry and baking, electrical engineering, masonry, carpentry, hairdressing etc… you name it!

The program has registered very positive feedback from both the beneficiaries and employers to the youth. Clearly this is for the good of our country in assisting the youth to tackle poverty and unemployment, and a large number of youth as they can now fend for themselves and assist their family to raise the younger kids or take care of their aging parents.