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Customer Support

Information Technology (IT) services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to help organizations in the creation, management and optimization of information and business processes.

IT services offer many advantages to businesses.

Increased productivity

Downtime in a business means work is not being completed and, as a result, the bottom line suffers. Virtual IT support reduces or eliminates downtime.

Saved money

Hiring an in-house, full time IT professional is an expensive endeavor. Virtual IT support is less pricey and provides flexible payment plans which help a company’s bottom line.


Business information and networks require constant vigilance. Incorporating virtual IT support services provides this added level of protection.

Facilitate focus on core activities

Virtual IT support offers businesses peace of mind. We take care of this end of the business so you can focus on the rest.

Telephone support/Call center services

Customers using a call center typically have a complaint or an issue which needs to be resolved quickly. Our call center handlers access this information swiftly and help improve customer satisfaction.

This telephone support information can also be used to design better products and create more targeted sales tactics. Winning over a disgruntled customer not only improves customer relations, but boosts sales and increases repeat business.

StepWise currently offers SMS, phone and live chat customer services.