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Attitude change: a panacea toward the challenge of inclusivity and accessibility.

By George Asimba

There are numerous challenges that significantly threaten inclusion and accessibility at workplace in the contemporary society.

According to an article published by The Insider on 20th August 2019, most of the challenges faced by people with disability at workplace are embedded on the negative societal attitude.

The world has inevitably become a global village hence technology has paved ways of ensuring accessibility and inclusion at workplace and other sectors.

Therefore, there ought to be a willingness to promote integration in order to ensure that people with disability are absorbed in the job market and offered opportunities to showcase their professional prowess.

These challenges of inclusion stems majorly from negative attitude amongst the employers and co-workers.

Employment specialist Reed in conjunction with Disabled Rights UK surveyed more than 300 human resources personnel to ascertain the attitude of the employer towards hiring people with disability.

In this survey 1 out 10 employers expressed a lack of confident towards the performance ability of individuals with disability hence the fear of hiring.

In addition, the survey revealed that almost a third of the respondents stated that businesses are often worried that people with disability might claim discrimination incase their respective job roles does not work.

Conversely, Stepwise has shifted this notion and employed a vast majority of people with disability in their workforce.

Instead of viewing this as a challenge, their positive attitude has yielded great performance and service delivery towards their clients.