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As a Certified B Corporation, StepWise is equally passionate about profit and purpose.

StepWise is committed to developing its employees to their fullest. To achieve this goal, StepWise has implemented the Skillset, Toolset and Mindset programs.



StepWise is proud to announce the launch of its Skillset career path program. This new program identifies and fills gaps with respect to jobs that are critical to StepWise’s growth. The Skillset program offers part-time opportunities to current StepWise Agents and provides on-the-job training for those in this career advancement track. The ultimate goal of the Skillset program is to create career opportunities of increasing complexity, supplement with online education, and facilitate existing employees growing into new, challenging full-time roles, which is fully aligned with our B Corporation mission.


StepWise is committed to increasing the knowledge and skills of its employees and to support this mission has created the Toolset employee education program. Each permanent employee receives a ‘credit’ for an online course on a digital learning platform. These credits may be used for any online course (from presentation skills to particle physics). Employees who successfully complete a course of study receive additional course ‘credits’ in an ongoing cycle of increasing employee engagement and upskilling. Not only will the Toolset program allow StepWise to provide higher quality services within the business process outsourcing industry, it allows us to show our team they are valued and supported. To ensure eligible employees have access to the Toolset program, employees may use StepWise facilities, computers and Internet to complete Toolset courses.


StepWise, a certified B Corporation, is deeply committed to enriching the communities in which it operates. We’ve intentionally created a company culture encouraging employees to volunteer with organizations having similar missions around improving society or the environment. To facilitate volunteering, StepWise is proud to announce its Mindset Program. This program will pay permanent employees for up to four hours per month for volunteer activities. These activities, ranging from rescuing animals to helping the elderly, need only to be with those possessing non-profit status and engaged in charitable pursuits.

StepWise’s Mindset Program is the final piece of a 3-prong approach to completing the cycle of empowering others.

In our Skillset and Toolset Programs we invest in our team and in the Mindset Program we facilitate our team ‘paying it forward’ and investing in others.

Our Story & Work

StepWise provides socially responsible business process outsourcing solutions to help make good businesses great.
We use the power of technology to transform data processing into career opportunities for people from marginalized communities, which increases employee engagement, reduces turnover, and improves performance.
As a Certified B Corp., (alongside socially responsible pioneers such as Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s) StepWise is equally passionate about profit and purpose.
The quality solutions we deliver are a direct result of the combination of our technology and our committed and motivated workforce.

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