3 Benefits of Choosing StepWise as your Digitization Partner

3 Benefits of Choosing StepWise as your Digitization Partner

Pearce-Moses (2005) states, “Digitization is the process of transforming analogue material into binary electronic (digital) form, especially for storage and use in a computer.” 

The evolution of information and communication technology through the internet and web-based services have altered the way information is generated, distributed, accessed, and used. 

What is Digitization? 

Digitization is the process of converting diverse forms of information in form of text, sound, image, voice into a digitalized format. The resources needed in digitizing include scanners, cameras, and a trained workforce on the best practices of indexing and metadata tagging. Private enterprises, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations are increasingly embracing technology to improve their operational performance and offer more value to their end-users. 

Why Digitization? 

Time is your most precious resource, yet inefficient data processing can cost you up to 30% of your time and money. The need to efficiently process data is a widely recognized requirement to seize opportunities and solve problems from digitization to ERP data migration to sales lead enrichment and more.  

Benefits of StepWise as your outsourcing partner for digitization 

The process of digitization can be time-consuming and requires a skilled workforce and tools to execute high-volume tasks. When you outsource your data processing to StepWise, you reclaim time and money by allowing us to handle your crucial yet labour-intensive, repetitive, and costly data processing tasks. StepWise’s Data Processing Program supports a wide range of uses to reduce your workload, enabling you to focus on more mission-critical activities.  

We harness the combination of best practices and accredited talent to help you use data with analytics to seize more opportunities and solve more problems.  

For 15 years, StepWise has built a portfolio of delivering value to more than 300 customers across five continents including key government and parastatal agencies in Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi as well as regional and global private agencies. 

These are the positive results as a result: 

  1. Access of digitized documents 

Compared to where documents were stored physically and only available to a group of people, with digitization the same documents can now be viewed anywhere and at any time enabling prompt and independent access of the documents. 

  1. Saves time and money 

In order for a business to successfully digitize it will incur costs on acquiring the necessary equipment and training in house staff on how to operate on them thus becoming a costly initiative. Therefore, outsourcing for the service of digitization can help cut on these costs and provides time for the staff to focus on their major roles. 

  1. Improved protection 

One major challenge businesses face is theft and loss of documents because of natural disasters such as floods or breakout of fire. Thus, having digitized documents means the work is stored in a safe cloud service and the retrieval of it is guaranteed without facing these challenges. 

Why you should be outsourcing for digitization? 

60% of companies that have undergone a digital transformation have created new business models and 55% of startups have adopted a digital business strategy, compared to 38% of traditional companies. 

The aim of StepWise is to socially make an impact and improve the operations of other businesses. Quality of work and delivery on the required time is assured by selecting us. 

Embrace the Digital Transformation

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